Philosophy and Purpose

The Pensacola Private School of Liberal Arts believes that every child possesses intrinsic worth and dignity as a person. This existential fact demands a curriculum that is broad enough to allow the student those experiences, through education, that determine the whole view of life, and those experiences that encourage the in depth factual pursuits that develop a knowledgeable individual.

The school commits itself to the inculcation of values and knowledge found in the history of Western Civilization. We believe that education should develop an individual who perceives clearly his role within the human experience. The developing of an inner-directed student requires a judgmental framework that allows for alternatives, personal responsibilities and a clear recognition of consequences of action.

Additionally, we believe that education helps the student acquire the insights to know from whence they come—and where they are going.

To implement this philosophy, we have developed the following purposes:

  • To allow students a broad curriculum from independent study to advanced courses;
  • To develop individual skills that each citizen needs to become an educated adult;
  • To accentuate scholastic research and verbal skills, attributes that are found within the well-balanced student;
  • To develop the technique of independent study and research;
  • To relieve education from the vortex of politics.